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Stefanie Reinsch, Masters in Vocal Performance, Mesa, Arizona

Corinne is amazing! She's the kindest and most supportive voice teacher I've ever had. She helps me choose projects and goals that are meaningful and exciting. She also knows which music will help me grow as a singer. She has so much knowledge and experience and has helped me to reconnect with my voice!


Chelsea Delgado, Student in Portland, Oregon

Corinne is hands down one of the most knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate voice teachers out there. I had the opportunity to take private voice lessons from Corinne for six years while living in Oregon.  Corinne played an integral role in coaching me in Italian, French, and German diction as well as helping me expand my range considerably. Over the six years that I studied with Corinne, I built up a sizable repertoire of over 100 songs, including musical theater art song and lieder, mass, and arias. Under Corinne's tutelage, I applied to and was accepted to top college vocal programs, including Manhattan School of Music, Mannes College of Music, SUNY Purchase, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and Boston University.  Corinne is an encouraging teacher who emphasizes healthy singing and sound technique that will lead to long term vocal success.

Marci Taylor – Choral Music director, Westview High, Portland, Oregon

“Corinne has a thorough understanding of vocal technique and communicates with singers in a way that is clear and helpful.  Her positive energy is encouraging and engaging.  When Corinne lived in Portland she taught 30 minute workshops on technique and warm-ups in my choir classes.  Sometimes stayed for the rest of the period to help the choir apply those techniques to literature.  Many of my students became her private students.  I still miss her.” 

Leslie Natraj, Portland, Oregon

“I am the mother of a performing arts student. My daughter Natasha, now performing in NYC, has been very fortunate to have received excellent training from Corinne ranging from acting (scene study) as well as choir and private vocal lessons. Corinne has a great appreciation for the triple threat actor. Corinne has a reputation in our area for having talented students who were cast as leads in their High School theater productions as well as in local professional productions in both straight theater and well as musical theater. Corinne has been instrumental in helping my daughter achieve her goals in theater and voice.“

Megan Amram, Off Broadway singer, Park and Rec Writer, The Good Place Writer/producer, Harvard Grad, Los Angeles​

“ I am proud to call Corinne Walker my former musical teacher and friend. I studied voice with her in Oregon for five years, through the Oregon Children’s Theatre’s program and via private lessons.  Corinne is kind, masterful, and fun in all spheres of her life and art. She lives every part of her life with integrity and poise. She is able to simultaneously teach so efficiently and proficiently, while still being fun and encouraging. It’s a very rare and singularly wonderful teacher who is able to be fun and tough at the same time.  She is a gem of a vocal teacher.”

Sean McLaughlin, Singer, Actor, Boston, MA

​Sean McLaughlin – Singer, Actor, Boston, MA

"You were able to help me get back on track after years of not taking lessons and singing.  With your numerous vocal exercises you were able to get the voice back into a place of sense memory.  You were always able to find different methods and games to get what you were trying to teach in a way that I could connect, feel, and understand what it is I was supposed to be feeling, free up the voice.  Such as “Swimming” “Painting the wall” or “Pushing against the piano” to get me to feel the sensation in the body and voice."


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