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Fees and Policies   


  • $60.00 an hour, we will decide together on the best length of your lesson depending on your abilities, needs and budget

  • You may stop your lessons at any time, you are not obligated for any set amount of lessons; but 6 lessons - weekly will prove the best results if you just want to work on 2 songs.

  • I offer optional performance opportunity about every 6 weeks with a Master Class/Recital; $10 pianist fee.

  • NATS Audition fees are about $35 per category, plus pianist fee of $50.00

  • Music books run from about $12-40.  I will not photocopy music, I honor Copyright Laws


  1. Kindly give 24 hours notice to reschedule a lesson, or you will be charged; illness is an exception

  2. Arrive 5 minutes early for your lesson 

  3. Download the Appcompanist App on your phone. It is an outstanding App to play warm-ups and accompaniments.   If you have an IPhone, there is a "Pick Six" option is only $3.99. Android $14.99; well worth it!

  4. Please bring the music you plan to sing to your lesson and jot down what you would like to accomplish.

  5. If you have an audition coming up, let me know before your lesson so I can suggest songs and help you prepare


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