Welcome to Voice Lessons with Corinne!


45-minute weekly lessons:  $190 tuition per month (4 lessons)

60 minute weekly lessons:  $250 tuition per month (4 lessons)

Audition prep or drop in lessons:  $70 an hour

Setand we will go from there!

Kindly pay for lessons at the beginning of the month

Online lessons with Zoom: 

I schedule time between lessons in case there are tech problems

Prepare for Online Lessons:

  • Have  computer ready and a second device charged for playing accompaniments. 

  • Have all your music ready and send me a text or email me your lesson plan so I can pull the music and prepare.  Help me make good use of our lesson time. 

  • You can expect to work on one song in a 30 minute lesson, 2-3 songs in a 45 minute lesson.

  • Remember that I spend extra time preparing for your lessons, organizing your repertoire, ordering music,  giving advice, sending YouTubes.  This is part of your tuition.

  • Kindly give 24 hours notice to reschedule a lesson, or I will not make up the lesson: standard protocol for music teachers. 

  • If you are happy with your lessons, please leave me a Google Review.

  • Please let me know if there are any questions.  I am always open to a conversation by phone or email to discuss repertoire, NATS Auditions, any other auditions or concerns.  I prefer email, but text and phone calls are fine too.  

Private lesson fee